Tribunal Composition

The Tribunal comprises a chairperson and six members appointed by the Minister for Racing and Gaming.

A panel of three members is required if the appeal is against a penalty of more than three months suspension or disqualification, a warning-off and/or a fine exceeding $2,000.

All other appeals may be heard by the chairperson or a presiding member sitting alone.

RPAT Chairperson and Members

Mr Dan MOSSENSON (Chairperson)

  • Is the inaugural chairperson of the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal.
  • Was admitted to practice law in 1970 and these days specialises in liquor licensing, hospitality and tourism law and is Emeritus Partner of Lavan Legal .
  • Has wide experience on various WA State Government tribunals, private enterprise boards and committees.

Mr Patrick HOGAN

  • Is an inaugural member of the panel of the Tribunal.
  • Is a barrister admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia and High Court of Australia in June 1982 and currently works in private practice as a Barrister from Howard Chambers.
  • Is appointed as a part-time Magistrate of the Children’s Court of Western Australia since September 1999.
  • Was appointed president of the Gender Reassignment Board of Western Australia in 2007.

Mr John Prior

  • Was appointed to the panel of the Tribunal in March 1994.
  • Is a barrister practicing from Francis Burt Chambers Perth, specialising in criminal and civil litigation in the areas of sports law and liquor licensing.
  • Is a Commissioner of the Legal Aid Commission of Western Australia.

Ms Karen Farley SC

  • Was appointed to the panel of the Tribunal in March 1997.
  • Is a senior appeal consultant at Legal Aid WA and has served on several boards and committees including Criminal Lawyers Association, Childcare Services Board and Boards of visitors to Heathcote and Alma St Centre.
  • In December 2013, Ms Farley was appointed Senior Counsel in and for the State of Western Australia.
  • Is a member of the Criminal Law Committee of the Law Society and Legal Practice Board.
  • Is a Councillor of Peppermint Grove Shire.


  • Appointed to the panel of the Tribunal in February 1997.
  • Admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia in December 1990.
  • Since July 2000 has worked as a barrister practicing in Criminal Law, Administrative Law and Military Discipline Law.
  • In October 2011 he established Quarry Chambers (his current law chambers).
  • Since April 1997 has been a member of Australian Defence Force as a Legal Officer in the RAAF Specialist Reserve (currently holds the rank of Squadron Leader).
  • Has attained the following qualifications from the University of Western Australia – Bachelor of Jurisprudence, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Economics and a Master of Laws.

Mr Robert NASH

  • Was appointed to the panel of the Tribunal in March 1997.
  • Is a barrister admitted as Practitioner of Supreme Court of WA and of the High Court of Australia.
  • Is a general public notary and has served on many councils, committees and directorships.
  • Is Chairman of a public company and Head of the WA Navy Legal Panel

Mr William Chesnutt

  • Was appointed to the panel of the Tribunal in June 2000.
  • Is a barrister and solicitor engaged in conducting general litigation matters with exposure to a wide variety of commercial and criminal matters.

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